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May 4, 2010 07:54 How To Create A Process Monitor Log #85871
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How to create a Process Monitor log:

1. Download the Process Monitor utility.
2. Extract the downloaded archive.
3. Run the procmon.exe file to monitor an activity (for example when inducing an issue).
4. Press CTRL+E a few seconds after the issue is induced to stop the logging.
5. Press CTRL+S, click the All events option, and then save the log.
6. Compress the log file, and then upload it to an online storage service.

It is important to run the Process monitor utility for only a short time, as it creates an extensive log. However, please try to log the important activity. In most cases, creating a log file containing several seconds of computer activity is enough.


The issue:
Something strange happens when I launch my Internet browser. The forum moderator asked me to create a Process Monitor log of this event.

What to do:
1. Download and launch the Process Monitor.
2. Try to launch the Internet browser.
3. Wait a few seconds after the browser is launched, and then press CTRL+E.
4. Save the log file and provide it to the moderator as described above.

Please provide us with a Process Monitor log only when requested by a forum moderator or AVG Customer Services.