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May 4, 2010 07:46 How To Upload A File To An Online Storage Service #85865
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How to upload a file to an online storage service:

Several web portals provide online storage services. This procedure uses RapidShare, of course, you can use your favorite service.

- If you have never used an online storage service, you can use RapidShare. The website contains a video tutorial describing how to upload a file.
- If you need to upload more than 100 megabytes, you can use another service, such as FileFront etc.
- Please be sure to compress the files before uploading them to reduce their size and reduce the time needed to upload.
- Generally, you need to browse to the file to upload, click an Upload button and wait for the process to complete.
- Please note that uploading a file may take significantly more time than downloading a file of the same size (using the same network connection). This is caused by the asymmetric characteristics of most Internet connection types.
- Please include the direct download link in your next post so the moderator will be able to download and analyze the files.

Alternatively, you may use this AVG utility to upload the needed files to AVG FTP server. Run the downloaded file and follow the wizard to provide us with files.
In case you would like to upload more, we recommend compressing them first and upload the created archive.