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We have created the How-tos topic for gathering useful how-to documents which can guide you through frequently requested procedures in more detail than common posts on the forum. This topic is completely closed, no threads can be added by users. You can find generally applicable information here, but most of the documents are designed to guide users through specific tasks frequently requested by moderators for the analysis of an issue or solution.

Here you can find a list of all How-tos for easy searching:

How To Provide Us With GMER Scan Results

How To Run A Full Computer Scan

How To Run A Hard Drive Check

How To Run The Command Line

How To Navigate To A Particular Folder

How To Run The Registry Editor

How To Compute A Checksum (Hash Sum) Of A File

How To Restart Windows In Safe Mode

How To Provide Forum Moderators With Files

How To Find Out Which AVG E-mail Scanner Plugin Is Installed

How To Perform A Memory Test (Memtest)

How To Recover A Repeatedly Rebooting System After An Infection Has Been Removed

How To Replace A System File

How To Create A Screenshot

How To Check The AVG Security Toolbar Version

How To Compress (Pack) A File

How To Create A Full Autoruns Output

How To Upload A File To An Online Storage Service

How To Create A Process Monitor Log

How To Display Hidden Files And Folders

How To Provide Us With The AVG Update Log File

How To Find Out Your Basic Hardware Configuration

How To Gather Installation Log Files

How To Create An AVG Scan Result Export

How To Temporarily Disable AVG Components

How To Check Which Firefox Plugins And Extensions Are Installed

How To Run A Full Computer Scan In Safe Mode

How To Use The GMER File Manager

How To Clean Up Your Computer

How To Fix Windows Repository Content

How To Update AVG Manually

How To Reset The Internet Explorer Configuration

How To Clear The Internet Explorer Cache

How To Disable An Internet Explorer Add-On

How To Export System Event Logs

How To Disable AVG When The Operating System Cannot Be Started Properly

How To Create A Process Crash Dump (Post-Mortem)

How To Remove An Infection From The System Volume Information Folder

How To Create An Msinfo Output

How To Restore Files From The Virus Vault When The System Is Not Bootable

How To Restore The Master Boot Record

How To Restore Lost Internet Connectivity

How To Enable Scanning Files On Close

How To Create A Wireshark Output

How To Provide Moderators With Screenshots Of The E-mail Scanner Configuration

How To Perform A Hardware Stress Test

How To Perform A Basic Check Of Your Connection Status

How To Remove An Autorun.inf Infection

How To Reset Internet Browser Proxy Configuration

How To Gather All AVG Log Files

How To Revert Unwanted Configuration Changes Caused By an Infection

How To Gather AVG Security Toolbar Log Files

How To Gather AVG Rescue CD Log Files

How To Troubleshoot AVG Firewall Blocking An Application

How To Gather Complete Memory Dump

How To Gather OTL Output

How To Use Problem Steps Recorder

How To Dump A Running Process

How To Troubleshoot Unspecified Error Reported By AVG

How To Enable AVG Debug Logging

How To Disable AVG Secure Search Provider In Browsers

How To Whitelist IP Address

How To Create An AVG Firewall Diagnostics Output