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April 29, 2010 11:14 How To Find Out Which AVG E-mail Scanner Plugin Is Installed #85159
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How to find out which AVG E-mail Scanner plugin is installed:

AVG 2012

Please check FAQ 4384 article for more information on how to find out which e-mail scanner plugins are installed.

AVG 2011/9.0/8.5

- Open the AVG Program, and then double-click the E-mail Scanner component.

The e-mail plugins are listed after the Installed e-mail protection: text. The attached screenshot displays all of the available plugins installed. We recommend having only one e-mail scanner plugin installed at any one time.

Which e-mail plugin is suitable for me?

A) I use Microsoft Outlook (MS Outlook 2003, MS Outlook 2007...):
- The Microsoft Outlook plugin is suitable for you. Please note that the Microsoft Outlook plugin cannot be used with Microsoft Outlook Express! Please use the Personal E-mail Scanner instead.

B) AVG 2011 and older versions only *
I use The Bat! e-mail client:
- The Bat! plugin is suitable for you.

C) Older AVG 2012 program versions only *
I use the Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail client.
- The Thunderbird plugin is suitable for you.

D) I use another e-mail client (Incredimail, Windows Mail, ...):
- The Personal E-mail Scanner is the right plugin for you.

E) I access my e-mails using a web interface (e.g. via Yahoo web mail):
- No e-mail scanner plugin is needed. In fact, the E-mail Scanner component does not have to be installed at all – it works by checking e-mail downloaded to local e-mail clients.
- We recommend uninstalling the E-mail Scanner component in this case – this will free up more system resources.
- The Resident Shield component will protect you by checking attachments to e-mails in the web interface.

Please see this FAQ article for instructions on adding or removing AVG components.

* - Complementary e-mail scanner plugins have been removed from current AVG program versions. These plugins offered a little extra value for user and could have been less reliable comparing to the Personal E-mail Scanner plugin in some cases. Thus, their development has been discontinued in order to optimize AVG performance. Please use the Personal E-mail Scanner plugin if you have The Bat! or Mozilla Thunderbird installed. It will provide the same level of protection.