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April 29, 2010 07:20 How To Provide Us With GMER Scan Results #85119
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How to provide us with GMER scan results:

1. Download the Gmer tool.
2. Save the archive to your disk, and then extract it.
3. After extracting the archive, rename Gmer.exe to Tool.exe (or any name of your choice - some infections prevent the GMER tool from running based on its name).
4. Run the Tool.exe file.
5. Tick all your drivers (C:\; D:\; ...).
6. In the bottom right corner, click Scan.
7. When the scan is complete, click Save... to save the result.
8. Attach the saved document to your next post.

What to do if my computer stops responding while running the GMER tool?
The GMER tool may cause some computers to freeze. If this happens, restart your computer (by using the hardware Reset button or by turning the computer off and on again) and use an earlier version of this tool instead. You can download GMER 1.0.14 here.
- Please mention in your post that due to freezing, you used an older version of the GMER tool.