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October 30, 2009 15:02 Solution: Invalid Binary File #29255


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Problem: AVG reports invalid binary file, repeatedly. Open AVG and try the update manually, same problem. Download the .bin file manually from the support download page and try update from directory... SAME PROBLEM.

Problem: a search of the AVG FAQ for the word 'invalid' gets NO results, zilch. Searching the forum there's a myriad of individual occurences, responses are usually asking for logs and "gee it fixed itself" and rarely if ever an answer you can use.

A google search finds mostly the same thing, yahoo answers n such that are nothing but "avg must have a problem right now" or "they must have fixed it by "magic""

Being a tech guy and determined to figure out the problem, I poked around and experimented, and found a solution

Likely not the ONLY solution, but it has worked for me several times I have enountered the problem in the past several months.

In :\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\avg8 there is an update folder, and in the update folder there is a download folder with several hundred megabytes of update files going back over several weeks worth of past updates.

Why they keep all those I cannot say. Why they weren't deleted by now, I cannot say. Seems like a waste of space to me.

I delete the contents of the "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\avg8\update\download" folder. Leave the folder there, empty. If you're worried, just delete the files to Recycle Bin.

Now try the update. Whether you update via Internet or by manually downloaded file, it worked. Solved. Ta da. You're welcome.

Will there be adverse consequences to having deleted 260+ megs of old stuff? I doubt it.

I WISH the support folks here would post this possible solution in a prominent place that is readily found when one searches. Perhaps the mods will sticky this post, I hope so. I went to the trouble of sharing this because I was frustrated that I had to find the answer on my own and what seems an easy enough thing to try wasn't readily found here.

J Sullivan
Burlington, ON, Canada
October 30, 2009 15:18 Re: Solution: Invalid Binary File #29257


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Have a look @ Knowledge Base #1679

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October 30, 2009 16:54 Re: Solution: Invalid Binary File #29301


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Thanks Al, for those reading here the article is how to tell AVG to delete those temp files using the AVG interface instead of explorer (I forgot to mention maybe having to set explorer view options to be able to see the system hidden Application Data subfolder)

and how to tell AVG to roll back to previous (let's say a glitch with the latest avg virus database is throwing a false positive or something, and you want to roll back rather than add a file as an exception just in case it were to actually become infected)

Yep yep, if you try what I suggest and delete them, you won't be able to "roll-back" to those previous av databases. Going forward it will build up again and you'll be fine.

There's no guarantee my suggestion will fix your invalid binary problem. If it didn't you could restore from recycle bin to put back, and even go on try "rolling back" to a previous, perhaps in the hopes that then the invalid binary won't happen that route, perhaps.

It's just in my experience, when an invalid binary,
1) try updating again (maybe there were errors downloading, maybe you had a bad block exception on your hard drive)
2) try downloading the update files manually and telling AVG to update from directory
but when those fail and auto update is now failing repetitively with invalid binary, what has worked for me is
3) deleting the AVG previous downloads files in it's special folder