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May 13, 2012 12:00 Downloads Blocked After AVG Upgrade #201975
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Since 'Upgrading' :-

In page:

Click on file: 'Collection2.mdb' or any other (*.zip, *.TCLib, *.rar) to download.

Get message:
'Danger: the AVG Security toolbar has detected active threats on this page and has blocked access for your protection.
Return to the previous page and choose another link (recommended).'

No clue as to what danger is or which entry is causing problem.
Also no way to override the block.
Most of the entries on the page have been previously used/uploaded by me without issue.
Also the site is pretty reputable and these pages need a user/password to access.

How do I regain access without disabling AVG?

Using ADSL, Firefox v12, W7 (pro 64) 6.1.7601 and
AVG Version 2012.0.2171
Virus database version: 2425/4996(13 May 2012, 07:37)
Link scanner version: 1029
AVG Security toolbar version:

Windows firewall ON
Mamutu behaviour blocking ON

Firefox v12 Plugins:
2007 MS Office system 12.0.4518.1014
AVG SiteSafety plugin
Java Deployment Toolkit + Platform 6.0.310.5
Shockwave Flash
AVG Do Not Track
AVG Safesearch
AVG Security toolbar
Download scheduler 1.7.2

May 16, 2012 15:17 Re: Downloads Blocked After AVG Upgrade #202621
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Hello AveragePhil,

This issue is most probably caused by a false positive detection. Please contact our virus specialists directly as described here.

Thank you.

AVG Team
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