May 5, 2012 17:47 Blocked Internet #200643
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I downloaded the free trial of AVG 2012. Almost immediately, my internet started getting blocked approx every 10-12 hours. This would require a restart of my computer to allow me to access the internet until it once again blocked my internet. The error message the internet browser gives me says my internet connection is behind a firewall or antivirus program and to disable it and try again. I disabled AVG and the firewall and tried again. I still received the same message. i completely uninstalled AVG and also used the AVG removal tool. I am still getting a block from an antivirus program or firewall even though I no longer have it running. When I look at Windows Defender, there is now an antivirus program running with no name and no ability to control it (on or off). Is there another way to remove your product besides the uninstall or removal tool?
May 7, 2012 12:52 Re: Blocked Internet #200983
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Hello stitch1981,

The best way how to remove all AVG remains is to download and run AVG Remover Tool.

Should the Windows Defender still show that you have some uknown Anti-Virus software installed, please download and run this tool to fix it.

Thank you.

AVG Team
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