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April 24, 2012 23:23 I Love My AVG But Firewall S***s Turdburgers! #198965
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Why does AVG even HAVE a YouTube Accelerator? Firewall blocks EVERYTHING to the point of beyond frustrating.

Here is how well Firewall works. I click on a video I want to watch. Video starts loading and IMMEDIATELY balks. Thinking aha okay maybe my hardware is starting to be out of date(not sure how that would be considerin I built my machine and upgrade as necessary) I lowered from 1080p constant to 780p then 480p and so on til I'm not even able to watch because the video is so blurry I might as well listen to it on audio.

Finally got so fed up with Google and YouTube, that I made a "suggestion/complaint" it took me to a link that suggested I turn off the firewall. Since I don't use Windows Firewall, I'm thinking how could this be? AVG has YouTube accelerator. This makes zero sense. But lo an behold soon as I disabled video loads in ANY setting w/o issue. Thanks for makin me look like a regular horses hindquarters AVG firewall. embarrassed

Tried to fix the issue and there is no clear way to allow YouTube to run with Firewall on. I've tried Gaming option, I've tried allow everything. Nothing. The only way to run it is to shut down my firewall. WTH is the freakin point of Firewall if I cannot set up simple access?!? And really why do I even have YT accelerator when the stupid Firewall Blocks/Impedes the feed anyhow?!? angry

I'm not ignorant I do everything to my system and nobody but me touches this baby. I set up my File path as "" and it tells me that it already exists. No it doesn't it's not part of my list at all! There is no YouTube file path ANYWHERE in that list. undecided
April 25, 2012 08:58 Re: I Love My AVG But Firewall S***s Turdburgers! #198985
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Hello Ceadderman,

Please refer to Weekly Overview: 11/2012 AVG Accelerator paragraph to find help on your issue.

Thank you.

AVG Team
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