April 18, 2012 17:10 Google Blocking Virus #198265
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My computer has been infected with some sort of virus (trojan I'm guessing) that blocks me from accessing google.com, and a couple other google related sites. It does not redirect me to any different sites but instead just says that it can not display the page. It does the same thing in every browser I've tried. The only other weird thing is that it reset my homepage to mystart.com search engine. I run AVG free 2012 and when the virus infected the computer AVG caught it and supposedly cleaned it but it's still doing the same thing. I've run a bunch of different malware, spyware, & virus scans without any luck and I've tried searching all over the internet for solutions but have yet to find one. Attached is the AVG Virus Vault screenshot which shows the ones that it has found. Any help to get rid of this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
April 18, 2012 18:18 Re: Google Blocking Virus #198277
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Dusan Obert


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Hello dwayne1521,

Please try to scan the computer with updated AVG Rescue CD and remove any detected files.

Afterwards, provide us with scan results export and both GMER outputs.

Also check the following:
1. Proxy settings:
How To Reset Internet Browser Proxy Configuration

2. DNS settings:
Check your DNS settings, make sure automatic DNS server is used as described in this MS article.

3. Hosts file:
Reset hosts file

Thank you

AVG Team
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