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AVG LinkScanner incompatible with Mozilla Firefox 11

A few AVG Forums visitors noticed that the AVG Safe Search add-on is not compatible with the most recent Mozilla Firefox 11 version. We would like to inform you that the Mozilla Firefox 11 support will be available with the following cumulative program update. Please accept our apology for any inconvenience the incompatibility could have caused to you.

Trojan horse infection

AVG Forums visitors reported a couple of Trojan horse infections which appeared to be difficult to remove. Should you face any trouble removing an infection detected by AVG, please check this AVG Forums thread for some tips on how to remove infections. An infection is sometimes coming back when stored in the System Volume Information folder. You can disable the operating system's restore functionality temporarily in order to remove the malware from this location as described here.
If the infection is still coming back, it could be accompanied by an undetected rootkit. We recommend scanning your computer using updated AVG Rescue CD in such case. AVG Rescue CD is able to remove known rootkits easily.
Please do not hesitate contacting AVG technical support should you require assistance with infection removal.

Internet Explorer 9 using unwanted search provider?

Forum visitors sometimes complain about changed search provider (the default search engine used when searching using the browser) in their Internet Explorer browser. Although this change is usually done by some of the recently installed software and the change is presented to the user during the installation process, users sometimes consider that to be an unwanted change which was probably done by a malware. If you don’t like your current search provider in Internet Explorer 9, you may proceed as follows to change it:
- Press the Windows logo key and R.
- Type inetcpl.cpl and click OK.
- Click the Programs tab.
- Click the Manage add-ons button.
- Select the Search Providers item as seen on this screenshot.
- You can select any of the available search providers in the list, set it as default or remove it.
- Also, you could prevent program from changing your default search provider and enable or disable searching in the address bar.
- All changes are applied immediately; when the configuration suits your needs, simply click the Close button.
If you feel your browser’s search behavior is an infection symptom, please describe the situation in AVG Forums or contact AVG technical support for assistance.

How to revert unwanted changes done by AVG PC Tuneup?

The AVG PC Tuneup is a powerful optimization tool. Unfortunately, it may happen that some changes of the system configuration do not quite suit your needs. If tuning the computer by the AVG PC Tuneup resulted in unwanted system behavior, you can easily revert any of the changes applied using the Rescue Center as described in this FAQ article.

AVG license issues

We noticed several AVG license issues reported in AVG Forums lately. Either the license expiration time was incorrect or user reported some trouble during the license registration. Basic information about AVG license registration can be found in this FAQ article. If you need any assistance troubleshooting AVG license issues, please contact AVG Customer Services.

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