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February 3, 2012 16:08 Weekly Overview: 06/2012 #189672
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AVG Security Toolbar log file

Several AVG users reported high disk space usage by AVG Security toolbar log file. Please be informed this issue has been rectified with recent AVG 2012 program update. Here you can find release notes for the mentioned program update (Hotfix 10). Should you face similar difficulties, please update your AVG by clicking the Update now button in the AVG user interface.

MS Outlook is freezing when AVG Anti-Spam is installed

AVG Forums users reported MS Outlook startup is slowed down, sometimes freezing. This issue was caused by AVG Anti-Spam component if user has the MS Outlook plugin for AVG E-mail Protection installed. The issue has been rectified with the recently released AVG 2012 program update (Hotfix 10; release notes).
Should you face such difficulties, please update your AVG by clicking the Update now button in the AVG user interface.

General update error

A few users reported general error during AVG update in this week. Although a cause of the issue varies across the individual cases, the AVG repair installation will rectify the problem in most cases. More information about AVG repair installation procedure can be found in these FAQ articles:
AVG Free Edition: FAQ 4372
AVG commercial version: FAQ 4421
In case the issue is not rectified, please contact AVG technical support; AVG update log will be requested for detailed analysis.

Stubborn infection

AVG Forums visitors reported hard to remove infections lately, sometimes accompanied by rootkits. Scanning the system using updated AVG Rescue CD when an infection is coming back usually rectifies the issue. AVG Rescue CD is able to find rootkits easily as they are not active when the host operating system is not running.
In case an infection is still coming back or cannot be removed, it may be hidden in a virtual file system which is not accessible by usual means or protected in a different way.
Should you need assistance with infection removal, please contact AVG technical support or describe the issue on AVG Forums.

AVG search on newly opened Firefox tabs

AVG Forums visitors mentioned they would like to disable the AVG default new tab page (which includes AVG secure search). This feature could be disabled by clicking the Settings link in lower-right corner of the newly opened tab as seen on this screenshot (note the Settings link is not available on home page, it is present only on newly opened tabs).
- Modify the Show AVG Secure Search Box on new tabs in the browser as you wish.
- Click OK to save your configuration.

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