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January 15, 2012 21:34 Cannot Install After Reformatting #187710


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I have recently reformatted my computer.
I had bought a 2 year license for my AVG at a local Walmart,
Came home, installed it and entered it's key as everything worked perfect.
This was back in 2010, and my license is set to expire in may of 2012, the 15th actually.
However, after reformatting, I attempted to install my AVG internet security, using the same key as I just wanted to continue my subscription and refill in may.
Apparently it has expired now. I have been cheated out of multiple months of protection if there is no fix for this. Anyone?
January 17, 2012 09:47 Re: Cannot Install After Reformatting #187837
Anonymous user


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Hello markmcx,

Unfortunately we are not able to find any license connected to your registered email address.

In order to analyze your situation please provide us with license number without last group of characters.

Thank you
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