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January 9, 2012 17:05 Invalid Registration # #187133
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I installed and registered AVG Internet Security: License number: IM7IR-KFOGD-MRFM2-QV69E-WIGO4-Z**** with no problems.
When I installed and tried to registered AVG PC Tuneup:
License number: 000028-FK7A16-RHT3YW-M1EZ4J-1FA5K6-9KUBQR-VBAEMA-94WVFE-KG7D9E-G06BEE-NV****. It says it's not a valid code. I have uninstalled, re-installed too many times.
Is there a hidden file that I have to manually remove so the program will accept the product code.
Do I need to un-install AVG Internent Security as well.
January 9, 2012 18:09 Re: Invalid Registration # #187143
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@ sublmnlcrimnl

For your info....

In conjunction with AVG Tech Support the AVG Team are also now monitoring this new 'paid for' section of the new forum so someone should spot your posting! They may enter the forum @ anytime. Look out for the AVG logo avatar! The AVG Team are based @ Brno in the Czech Rep but please bear in mind it's now Monday evening there (Czech Rep time 19:09). Also have a look @ this Announcement post link How To Ask For Help In AVG Forum Extract.... Please be patient as AVG employees are available in CET working hours and you may not get an answer immediately.

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January 11, 2012 12:08 Re: Invalid Registration # #187312
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Hello sublmnlcrimnl,

Un-installing AVG Internet Security in order to successfully install AVG Pc Tuneup is not required.

Please provide us with screenshot of the error message and SN.log files for further analysis of this license related issue.

You can find this file in the following location:

WIN 7/Vista
c:\Users\<CURRENTUSERFOLDER>\AppData\Roaming\AVG\PC Tuneup 2011\Logs\PC Tuneup 2011_SN.log
c:\Documents and Settings\<CURRENTUSERFOLDER>\Application Data\AVG\PC Tuneup 2011\Logs\PC Tuneup 2011_SN.log

Also please tell us whether are there several accounts on his PC, how many, do you use them? Do you also have registered this license number on several PCs before? Have you used other registry cleaners (except AVG PC Tuneup) before?

Thank you.
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