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September 16, 2009 18:50 Locked File - Not Tested #17823
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During a scan today I kept getting the message "locked file - not tested". This is the first time this has happened. Previously, the only messages during a scan have referred to cookies being found. Grateful for any comments as to what these locked files may be and why previous scans have not referred to them (or how unlocked files have somehow become locked).
September 16, 2009 19:08 Re: Locked File - Not Tested #17825
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Moved to the proper forum area for this type of posting.. AVG 8.5 Free Edition.

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If you are seeing the error message "Locked file. Not tested." this link from the "Old Forum" may assist you....

Posted by: jzygala (IP Logged)
Date: July 28, 2008 07:16PM

It would also appear that you have requested the additional scan report for locked files. Otherwise I believe these items would not be showing up. I have never used the option, so cannot speak from experience.

To see the setting for a manual scan, select "Change scan settings" under Scan whole computer on the Computer scanner page. Select "Set additional scan reports..." on the next dialog screen. You will see a bunch of options, one of which is to report locked files. If this was set inadvertently, you can uncheck it.

The same option is available for schedule scans.

If that doesn't help....

Please provide us more information about your system so that we may have it to base our suggestions on, see What information should I include?.

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