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September 2, 2009 20:12 Windows Says My AVG Is Outdated. #15497
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I wish I had paid more attention to this earlier, and maybe I would have better information. The first problem I noticed was that I could not open an online banking website. Message was that "security certificate has expired" Actually, it said it expired in November, 2009. I later learned this bank does not use the security certificates, so maybe this is a default date. Also, the message stated that if you have been accessing this site without problems, maybe it is a bogus site. This got me concerned about my other financial sites, but I can access all those. I do have a few saved sites that I save username, but not password. On all of those I have tried, the username is not there today. By then I noticed that Windows Security says that AVG says my virus protection may be outdated. This, I think, was set to be updated automatically, and have had no trouble with it before. I reinstalled AVG to ascertain that it was current, but Windows still gives me the security alert. My theory is that since it does not recognize my AVG as being current, it is protecting me by taking away any saved usernames I have, and because that bank did not use a security certificate, it did not allow it. I could override the alert and access the acct. that gave me the alert, but I am not yet willing to do that. How can I know I am covered with AVG? I am using Windows XP and AVG Free Edition. Also, one other little bit of information, my list of installed programs says AVG was last used DEC. 2, 2009.
September 2, 2009 20:42 Re: Windows Says My AVG Is Outdated. #15505
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please check this FAQ and your system date as "2 DEC 2009" looks not correctly.

Else could you please provide us with all needed information?

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September 2, 2009 20:47 Re: Windows Says My AVG Is Outdated. #15507
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Moved to the proper forum area for this type of posting.. AVG Update.

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