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February 3, 2011 12:03 How To Create A Wireshark Output #147653
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How to create a Wireshark output:

Capturing network packets could prove handy when troubleshooting specific network issues. Wireshark is one of the available network analyzers. You can proceed as follows in case you are asked by forum moderator to create a "Wireshark output".

1. Download the Wireshark application.
2. Run the downloaded installation package.
3. Follow the installation wizard to install the Wireshark in default configuration (there is no need to change any settings, just click the Next button several times and then Install).
4. The WinPcap installation has its own wizard (automatically launched during the Wireshark installation), make sure to install it also (see the attached screenshot).
5. Finish the Wireshark installation after installing WinPcap.
6. Run the installed Wireshark application.
7. Press Ctrl+I. This will show a new window with all of your network interface cards.
8. Click the Start button for the respective network interface card on the previously displayed Window (see the second attached screenshot) and induce the reported issue.
- There will most likely be only one network interface card for desktop computers.
- It is important to choose the network interface card which is currently used for the Internet connection.
9. After the issue is induced, click Stop (see the third attached screenshot).
10. Press CTRL+S and save the created capture.
11. Compress the saved file and provide it to a forum moderator for analysis.