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November 16, 2010 04:06 Miro 3.5 Install Identifies zugo-silent.exe As Malware #127673


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In installing Miro 3.5, AVG warns that zugo-silent.exe is malware. It was installed to

I instructed AVG to move the files to the virus vault, and now Miro 3.5 will not run properly. AVG Virus Vault indicates 1 process was terminated, 12 files were deleted, and 6 registry keys deleted. I cannot find a way to copy these results to include them.

I contacted Miro support and received this response:

"The zugo-silent installer is now part of our install process. If you say no - we don't install anything on your system, but the files are part of the install process. The alert is a false positive and we keep zugo informed of these so they can contact the anti-virus company to be removed from the list. We've had similar issues in the past with our NSIS installer and other anti-virus programs."

I did not zugo-silent.exe listed in the AVG virus search, so I am looking for confirmation that this is a false-positive and that Miro 3.5 is safe to install.

System details:

Windows version- Vista sp2
AVG version and virus db version-Vs 10.0.1153 Db 424/3259
Other protection software installed-Online Armor firewall

Thank you for your help.

November 16, 2010 12:38 Re: Miro 3.5 Install Identifies zugo-silent.exe As Malware #127791


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