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April 26, 2010 10:59 The ''Cryptic'' virus... #84551
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I see a lot of threads basically alluding to the same virus, something called ''cryptic''...

I was having the exact same problem... I use Free AVG and this warning was popping up every 30 seconds or so... Having searched the internet, I found this forum, and, suspiciously, AVG was the only place that mentioned it... Checking other threads about a ''cryptic'' virus I came up with a couple of ideas, and set to work to try and rid myself of this annoyance...

Heres what I did, and as I type this I don't have the annoying pop-up every 30 seconds...
*fingers crossed*

I started Task manager and had a look for all the processes I had running...
Amongst them was a group of 5 or 6 processes all with a gobbledegook description,
(stupidly I didn't make a note of it exactly but it was something like PzKmmjahhdaKZ...)
You cant miss them if you sort your description into alphbetical order...

So now I had to stop them running...

Click on each one and open the folder that its in, you'll find it dotted around all over your
computer, naming itself after a couple of the files that are already in the folder its stored
in... Locate the file in that folder.
Then, go back to the Task Manager and stop each one processing... As soon as you've
stopped it, click to the folder its in and delete the actual file. You have to be fairly quick
in getting rid of all 6 as they will respawn after a minute or 2...

Once you have stopped and deleted all of them, you then need to get a free programme
like ccleaner ( to clear up the registery and get rid of all dead links to these
rogue programmes, all of which, you;ll see if you get ccleaner, appear dotted all over
you computer...

I'm not saying this is foolproof but its rid me of the problem for the whole time I;ve been
typing this, which is considerably longer than 30 seconds!

Oh, and one IMPORTANT thing to note is that one of places you find this file with the
gobbledegook description is in THIS folder...


... Thats an AVG download package. And that file, ''avgemclibsasl9.0.0.663.exe'', has the
exact same description as the multispawned file all over your PC...

April 26, 2010 11:01 Re: The ''Cryptic'' virus... #84553
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avgemclibsasl9.0.0.663.exe is one of YOUR files, send to me in a download package...

Its very suspicious that the only Virus Programme that recognises this rogue ''cryptic'' virus is AVG
and the only place its being talked about is on the AVG forums...

I had a problem a while back with a malicious virus pop-up that kept appearing on my PC which turned out to be a false alert meant to make you pay money for a programme that would clear this
virus, when in fact you would be paying money for a virus programme to clear a virus that didn't
actually exist...

This latest ''cryptic'' virus sounds like the same thing... False alerts from AVG to make you buy the AVG programme...
April 26, 2010 11:29 Re: The ''Cryptic'' virus... #84559
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this was already answered here.


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