June 20, 2009 14:27 Removal of trojan #729
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I have received a resident shield alert showing multiple threat detection. Process name is: C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe. Process ID: 1076 File name is: C\Program Files\Gamevance\gamevance32...
Infection: Trojan horse PSW OnlineGames3...
When I try deleting or "remove all healed infections", I get a message saying: "Do you want to force the threat removal? Force removal can cause system instability or even crash.
Is it safe to force this removal? If not, what?

Thanks, membly
June 20, 2009 18:42 Re: Removal of trojan #781
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The notice is a standard one that you will see when the malware is already in memory and running... allowing AVG to remove it shouldn't normally hurt the situation in most cases.

If you do continue to have issues, follow the instructions in the Announcement post about How to clean an infected computer.
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June 21, 2009 03:10 Re: Removal of trojan #863
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I am a volunteer: This is not "tech. support".
Solutions that work for me may not work for you.
Proceed at your own risk.


If you have not been successfull so far, may I suggest you try following this procedure.

Gamevance is gaming software that a child or game fan in your home downloaded from the Internet looking for some free game fun. Gamevance is a free gaming software that provides many free games. Unfortunately it will also display many commercial advertisements on your computer. It is not necessarily a computer threat, but the problem is that these ads can't be removed easily.
Download and install the following programs:
1. Spyware Doctor - and update the definitions: Do NOT run it yet. http://majorgeeks.com/download4241.html
2. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 1.38 - and update the definitions: Do NOT run it yet. http://majorgeeks.com/download5756.html
3. CCleaner Slim (No Toolbar) 2.20.920 Do NOT run it yet. http://majorgeeks.com/download4191.html

Let us begin:
1. Boot into Safe Mode (tap F8 after the BIOS beep until you are presented with a screen on which, by using the up/down arrowns on the keyboard, you can highlight "Safe Mode". Then hit "Enter".) Your computer will boot into a mode whereby only the essentials are running (and Gamevance will not be running).

2. Now go to the Control Panel > Add - Remove Programs (XP) or Program Features (VISTA). When the list of your installed programs appears, locate Gamevance and highlight it, and click "Uninstall". When this has completed, close everything and reboot your computer.

3. Run Spyware Doctor, and remove all it finds: That should remove the remainder of the Gamevance nuisance advertising features. Reboot your system.

4. For good measure, run MBAM (Malwarebytes Anti-Malware) and remove all it finds. Reboot your system.

5. Launch CCleaner and in its default settings (make NO changes) run its standard 'Run Cleaner' to rid your system of all junk files.

6. Now run CCleaner's 'Registry > Scan For Issues > FIX all issues' as many times as is needed until '0' issues are found *BUT* say 'ok' each time to saving a 'back-up' and save those back-ups in their own folder in a convenient and memorable location. (These back-up entries may be needed if a problem results from this action. They may be deleted after you are absolutely sure that your system is running properly, and has suffered no ill-effects.)

7. Restart your system.

8. 1. Create a new System Restore point.
Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore and create a new restore point.
Now, use "Disk Cleanup" to remove all Restore Points, with the exception of the last one. ***Handy to remember this and do it often!
Right-click on C: drive > Properties > Disk Cleanup > More Options tab > System Restore > Cleanup

You should now be rid of Gamevance, and a lot of other junk too.
Good luck.

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