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Useful links.
These links are not a comprehensive listing of the resources available, nor is their inclusion intended to be implied as a recommendation. They are here as a quick reference to the common tools mentioned in the forum, or as reference aids for further investigation.

Due to the poor search facilities of the AVG Technologies virus encyclopedia finding information on specific viruses can be hit-or-miss.
Search for virus names by vendors at

Got a file you aren't sure is infected? Upload it to or

Not sure if AVG is detecting viruses? Virus test file

Not sure if that .dll is needed? Check at

Need information about what process has a file open/locked? Try process Explorer

AVG Technologies removal tools

Browser alternative

Other useful links

WinSock XP Fix
- It is used to fix WinSock layer in a case that the network connection has been lost (e.g. due to malware removal, firewall drivers removal).

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