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AVG Forum How to Ask for Help.

The AVG Forum has been created to provide users of AVG program with a platform to share knowledge and discuss issues with other knowledgeable AVG users.

Registration is required only in case you wish to submit questions and issues. Non-registered users are able to participate in read-only mode. To register for the AVG Forum and other On-line Services, please go to the forum registration webpage.

Before posting a new question check to see if it has already been answered or asked by using the Search utility, using suitable keyword(s) to look for answers first. Also, read all the relevant forum Announcement & Sticky posts.
Always read the Documentation for AVG Free/Paid Edition and Frequently Asked Questions Free/Paid provided before posting your questions.

Please remember, some of the help received on the forum is provided by volunteers, so please don't make them answer questions that may already have answers posted. If you ask a question that no-one has an answer to you may have to wait for a response or solution, please be patient you aren't being ignored it is simply useless to post anything if there is no answer yet.

Please always make sure to post at least to the product-related topic. If someone else finds similar issue, they will be more likely able to follow instructions, that helped you.

Do not post it multiple times, it won't get you an answer any faster.
Use respective language of the forum content (English in English, German in German, etc.). You can switch between available languages using the option in the top right corner, next to search window.
Please remain civil to the other users and do not use foul language.

If you post your thread in the wrong forum area it will be moved by a moderator to the correct area (to locate use forum search / user nickname).

Please do not post new questions in someone else's help topic even if they are related or similar. Be warned, the post will be REMOVED.

We've been asked "why do I need to start a new thread when this is the same as my problem" a million times. The most important reason is that this is a technical support forum not a discussion forum and we are trying to help an individual with a problem, not everyone else's problem. If we are trying to help everyone, no-one gets helped, by focusing on one persons problems we can solve and hopefully find their solutions. Another very important reason, because of the small differences in computers, software, connections and other issues, not every problem has the same cause. So what actually fixes one person doesn't always help another.

1. If you need to ask a question, please start a new thread by using the New Thread link in the main forum area instead of adding it to/in someone else's thread which is against the forum rules. Otherwise, it gets too confusing for the original poster of that question to follow the suggestions that are given to them. If you have possible suggestions for the original poster of the thread they will be welcome. Additional questions and unrelated comments posted in someones else thread will be deleted in order to make it easier for the person we are trying to help in that thread.

2. Use a meaningful title for your post to give some indication of the problem if possible. Do not use generic titles such as "Email Problem", "Can't update" etc, instead use a descriptive one or the error message itself. This will also assist when users are taking advantage of the forum search facility.

3. Please describe your problem as best you can and what you have tried so far to remedy it. If you don't describe what you've tried already, it will probably be repeated to you again.

If you need to supply additional information, please reply in the same thread. If you start a new thread for the same problem, then it will be very hard for other users to follow and help you.

If the answer is known then someone will reply to you after reading your post. Please be patient as AVG employees are available in CET working hours and you may not get an answer immediately. If you ask a question that no-one has an answer to, then you may have to wait for a response or solution, please be patient you aren't being ignored it is simply useless to post anything if there is no answer yet.

If you wish to be emailed when someone posts to your thread, click on the link labeled Tools > Subscribe to this thread. To revisit or manage your subscribed threads, go into your Profile > Subscriptions.

Anytime you can't find a post you made.. use the forum search and look for your user nickname... or check out 'View all Posts' in your 'Profile'.