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January 14, 2014 21:45 Need Refund For BSecure #239038
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I recently cancelled my AVG Family Safety account. Because I renewed for 1 year in December 2013, I want a refund of the money I paid. Please escalate this to Sales and refund me my money.
January 14, 2014 22:01 Re: Need Refund For BSecure #239040
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@ Gator86

Refund situ is normally covered by the info in this typical thread #233440. Also have a look @ this knowledge base support article. Otherwise....

OK, Just to keep you fully in the picture regarding AVG Team forum support.. For your further guidance/info please refer to the availability Announcement post @ the top of the Information forum area. Please bear in mind that it's now 11:01pm Tuesday evening in Brno, Czech Rep..

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January 29, 2014 10:28 Re: Need Refund For BSecure #239558
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Hello Gator86,

According to our database your product - AVG Family Safety 3 computers (1 year) - is in AWAITING CANCELLATION status. Due to this status we are not able to process the refund. We need you to login into MyAccount

To login to your AVG account click and insert the e-mail address (it's available to AVG in your forum 'Profile') and password that you used during the purchase of your product.

In MyAccount under "My Products" section click "Manage seats". On the next page click "CANCEL THIS REQUEST".

Please let us know once this is done.

Thank you for your cooperation.

AVG Team
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