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May 14, 2013 22:14 General Behavioral Detection #229111
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Erica H


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I have a video downloading program called Graboid on my computer... I also have the free AVG antivirus 2013. I have downloaded about 6 videos with no problems. yesterday i was trying to download a movie and AVG told me it found a threat: general behavioral detection. i allowed it to remove the threat. after doing so, Graboid would not work properly, i reinstalled it and began downloading a different video today. AVG popped up again but this time more than half way through the download with the same message. I allowed AVG to again get rid of the threat... I reinstalled graboid again due to the same issue. I tried to download something else and got the same message again. Is there really a problem or is AVG mistaking a download that takes about 40 mins as a threat??
May 23, 2013 14:51 Re: General Behavioral Detection #229425
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Anonymous user


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Hello Erica H,

Please refer to the following article for help on your issue:How To Handle Suspicious False Positive Detection?

Until false detection will be fixed please refer to FAQ 5190.

Thank you

AVG Team
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