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April 21, 2013 07:54 Unable To Uninstall AVG 9.0 #228136


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Can't remove AVG 9.0..

I have a Windows 7 64bit i5 with 16 GB of RAM.
I have AVG 9.0 installed.
I cannot remove AVG 9.0.
I just renewed my license.
I can't use the license file on AVG 9.0
I am told I must remove AVG 9.0 from the computer and install 2013.
I cannot remove AVG 9.0.
As soon as I have run the removal tool my computer will continually reboot.
I cannot access the removal file log because the computer continually re-boots.
Even if I could get to the removal log file, I need a working computer to send it to you for analysis.
I wind up having to run my recovery program which puts me back to an unusable AVG 9.0 which, of course, I cannot remove.
All I would like is a license file to continue using AVG 9.0 as I have spent several days attempting to remove it with no success.
The only recommendation I have gotten from my local computer Guru is to give up and start from scratch by re installing Windows 7.
I would like to be able to use my computer and I don't want to have to re-install all of my other programs.
Any suggestions?
April 26, 2013 12:25 Re: Unable To Uninstall AVG 9.0 #228369
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Hello Pauledfish,

In order to analyze your issue please provide us with more information (screenshot, MSInfo output, etc).

Thank you

AVG Team
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