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April 10, 2013 21:40 Help Please !! :( #227594
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Hello , i was looking for photoshop cs3 and when it downloaded it started coming up with warning windows on the avg , when i started deleting them it come up with one which cant delete and now its coming up with them windows each 5 mins . Its infecting more and more files which i have to delete later .
System Restore didn't work in this matter and i don't have windows 7 disk to re install my windows .To be honest i don't know what to do and if any of you know how i can solve my matter please help me out ..

Many thanks Insane Maniek
April 18, 2013 08:05 Re: Help Please !! :( #228015
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Hello InsaneManiek,

In order to analyze your issue please provide us with more information (AVG scan result export, Msinfo output, GMER scan result).

Thank you.

AVG Team
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