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iTunes library is missing

Some of you reported that iTunes library is missing lately. We’d like to inform you that fix was released on 5th of April via automatic database update. Your iTunes library should be back after the update but library may have been already overwritten by iTunes. It is recommended to restore previous backup in such cases. There are two options how to restore iTunes library:

A. From manually created backup.
B. From automatic backup.
- 1. Display hidden folders and show file extensions.
- 2. Navigate to iTunes library folder.
- 3. Close iTunes and temporarily disable AVG.
- 4. Find *.tmp file created on day when issue appeared for the first time.
- 5. Copy and rename it to iTunes Library.itl.
- 6. Run iTunes.
If the library is not loaded repeat steps 3-6 and try another *.tmp file.


The AVG Toolbar log file (toolbar_log.txt) may rapidly increase its size under specific circumstances. The symptoms are computer slowdown, decreasing disk space and slowed-down internet connection. We have found source of the issue and fix was already released as AVG Toolbar update. If you are still having any of described symptoms please re-install AVG toolbar using latest installation and follow the Slowdown of computer or internet connection and decreasing disk space article.

AVG needs to be updated

Some of you may receive pop-up (screenshot) that their AVG needs to be updated. This pop-up is legitimate and related to the latest AVG 2013 Service Pack 1 update. It is recommended to install this update. However, if you’ve cancelled this offer already or it was not displayed on your computer and you still want to have AVG Service Pack 1 installed today. Just download latest installation file and run Repair installation to get it installed.


After installation of AVG program, you may encounter the “A website wants to open web content using this program on your computer; Name: ScriptHelper.exe; Publisher: AVG Technologies” message when running Internet Explorer (screenshot). To remove this message, tick the “Do not show me the warning for this program again” option, and then click Allow. Please follow this article if this message is still displayed when running the Internet Explorer.

AVG PC TuneUp uninstallation

If you want to completely remove the AVG PC TuneUp please follow recommended steps in the How to uninstall AVG PC TuneUp article.

If you have any questions about any of these issues or need help resolving them, please contact AVG customer care experts or write us on AVG Forums.

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