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March 10, 2013 18:03 LiveKive Is Stuck #225799
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For several days, I've noticed that my "uploading" is stuck. Nothing is being uploaded. It's at 0% and stuck there. Honestly, I don't usually check on it. I figure it's all "automatic," right?? But, I happened to look and noticed it's stuck.

I'm increasingly disappointed and losing all confidence in this product. It's been nothing but problems. Previously, it filled my hard drive to capacity with duplicate files. I've re-installed. Now this.

Any help? Any reason I should have confidence that my files are actually being backed up? I want something SIMPLE and effective.

Screen shot is attached.
March 19, 2013 08:37 Re: LiveKive Is Stuck #226248
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Hello racer88,

For help on your issue you can try "Reset queue and configuration" according to this post.

Thank you

AVG Team
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