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February 17, 2013 10:30 Power Drain On Android? #224737
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Hi, I have had a Samsung sii for a year and had avg mobilation on it almost since day 1, working fine I presume. A couple of days back the phone started to drain battery at an enormous rate. Previously I could get 2 days out of it using the extended battery. Suddenly it began to drain power and lasts 6 to 8 hours only. Looking at the power manager avg is now using in excess of 50% of the power, whereas it used to be just a few %. The phone was a little warm to the touch.

It is the latest avg version It's the standard version of android (4.04) on the GTE 19100 hardware. I checked on the market and it is the latest version of avg and just in case uninstalled avg and then installed again.

Any idea what happened? I presume not a slow DOS attack wink

February 17, 2013 13:44 Re: Power Drain On Android? #224743
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@ kretep

OK, Just to keep you fully in the picture regarding AVG Team forum support.. For your further guidance/info please refer to the availability Announcement post @ the top of the Information forum area. Please bear in mind that it's also now the weekend in Brno, Czech Rep..

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February 18, 2013 13:13 Re: Power Drain On Android? #224780
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Hi kretep,

Is the issue resolved after reinstalling the AVG for Android? I recommend contacting AVG for Android specialists directly through the AVG program >> Menu >> Help >> Contact Us form to provide them with more detailed information about your device and issue.


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