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Strange AVG file names

Several users were confused by strangely named AVG files, mostly the “ROC_JAN2013_TB.exe” file lately. If unsure about a certain file, we recommend checking its digital signature as follows (screenshot):
- Right-click the respective file and select Properties from the context menu.
- Switch to the Digital Signatures tab.
- Verify that the file is signed by trusted authority.
If unsure about an unsigned suspicious file, please send it to our virus specialists for analysis as described in the What to do when I suspect any file it is infected? article.

System slowed down

After installing an in-background-running software, like the antivirus, the system is to be expected to slow down as more system resources are being used continuously. While the slowdown is not apparent on new computers, it may be noticeable on slightly older systems. We have summarized basic recommendations and useful tips in the How to solve slowdown after installation of AVG article.

Enable Web Protection for better and safer Internet experience (free)

AVG Free users may receive pop-up with the “Enable Web Protection for better and safer Internet experience (free)” message (screenshot). This offer provides automatic installation of the AVG toolbar that provides protection against malicious websites, AVG Do Not Track feature and AVG secure search. Please find more in the Message: "Enable Web Protection for better and safer Internet experience (free)" article.

My computer is infected

Many users are asking us how to proceed when they have a suspicion that their computer become infected. We have summarized general procedure in the My computer is infected. What do I do now? article.

AVG Toolbar and Secure Search uninstallation

If you want to completely remove the AVG Secure Search and/or AVG Toolbar and associated browser changes, please follow the How to remove AVG Toolbar, homepage and Secure Search from your browser article where you can find detailed instructions.

If you have any questions about any of these issues or need help resolving them, please contact AVG customer care experts or write us on AVG Forums.

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