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As I got no response to my question about false positives and why they suddenly appeared after an update in January 2013 when for months previously I had no problems at all I decided to uninstall AVG Internet Secuity 2013 completely and reinstall it.

I downloaded the latest version from the link supplied in the email when I purchased the 3 PC licenses last year and it was the same updated version that I had installed but a clean install. I did clean out all the Tune Up stuff as well from the registry, folders as well as well anything related to AVG. This time I did not install the PC Analyser or the AVG Gadget.

I was surprised to find that this fresh install of the same version did not install the folder ProgramData\AVG January 2013 Campaign either.

I then did a complete system scan although this time it spat out even more false positives, previous ones had disappeared and it wouldn't allow me to do anything with them just as before.

I found the most interesting thing is that all the files only showed up as infected when I used the scanning function within the console. If I went to the folders directly and scanned them by right clicking they all came back as no threats found, as did they using sites such as Virus Total which incidentially uses AVG as one of the scanners.

In the end I found a solution, I found a product that I had paid for creating more problems than it was worth and with no response or help I decided to uninstall it completely, put it down to experience and purchased a 3 user license for my previous internet suite which is now all installed and running on my 3 systems.
February 5, 2013 12:53 Re: Solved My Problem #224092
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Hello Devic,

Please accept our sincere apologies any inconveniences with AVG product. Hopefully one day we will get your confidence again.

Thank you

AVG Team
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