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January 26, 2013 21:54 Facebook Activity Not Listed On Social Sites Activity Monitoring #223579
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Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium
AVG Product: AVG Family Safety (I was unable to locate a version number within the program, there is no HELP>ABOUT, so the file I purchased and downloaded from the AVG website (Order Reference Number: 35-1707952) the other day is avg_fas_stf_all_2013_16.exe
Antivirus Installed: Microsoft Security Essentials Virus Def. Ver.: 1.143.856.0, Spyware Def. Ver.: 1.143.856.0
No other protection software.
I have installed avg_fas_stf_all_2013_16.exe file on my daughter’s laptop. I created a Standard User account in the Windows – Control Panel – User Accounts and Family Safety. Then in the Family Safety program I Created a Profile for my daughter then I opened Assign Profiles and highlighted the laptop under Devices and selected her profile on the pull down menu. One of the primary reasons I purchased this product is so that we could allow our daughter to use Facebook and we would be able to track her use. So I went under Parental Controls, insured the Parental Controls for the selected profile are ON (green) then selected Categories tab and set Default Age Templates to Youth (9-12) then “personalized the individual web site categories” as per the instructions and placed a green check next to Social Networking. After making the other Parental Controls I selected the Activity Monitoring tab insured the Activity Monitoring for the selected profile is ON (green). I then selected the Social Sites tab and turned this feature ON (green).
Then I logged into my daughters account on the laptop and opened the Internet Explorer 9 (both 32 and 64 bit) browser and logged into my Facebook account expecting to see it listed in the Activity Monitoring – Social Sites table. After several attempts and with phone support and chat support (Case No.: 6891924, both very pleasant Reps) but still no logging of Facebook use. I looked under Activity Monitoring – All Sites and the Web History with Show Questionable Activity Only unchecked did show that the Facebook site was accessed at the correct Date/Time with the Reason/Category listing Allowed / Social Networking. Am I doing something incorrectly? Or is this an unfinished product? When I was initially searching for Family Protection software it was listed as BSecure by AVG, I see on the AVG Forums that others have had similar problems, but the solution does not seem to be given.
I was also disappointed to find out that in order to use AVG Family Safety on Apple devices you have to use only the AVG browser, it is kind of misleading advertising to say that this product will protect Apple devices, but not state that it will not work with the standard Apple Safari browser. If customers know about this they might have second thoughts about purchasing AVG Family Safety. So if our tech savvy kids just find out all they have to do is turn Safari back on and use it to logon to Facebook our security is essentially bypassed, correct? I understand that the help in this Forum is provided by volunteers, and it is the weekend, but if I cannot get the Social Networking functioning by next weekend I’ll have to invoke the 30 day Money Back Guarantee. This was the primary reason that I purchased this product and the secondary reason was that I was under the impression, due to the AVG website advertising, that I would have the same coverage with Apple products. I bypassed other companies for these very reasons.
I look forward to and appreciate any help that someone may be able to provide. I hope that the problem can be resolved so that I can keep this product and not have to start all over again.
Thank you for your time, looking forward to a positive response.
Very Respectfully,
January 27, 2013 01:43 Re: Facebook Activity Not Listed On Social Sites Activity Monitoring #223586
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@ CarlK58

OK, Just to keep you fully in the picture regarding AVG Team forum support.. For your further guidance/info please refer to the 1st Announcement post @ the top of the Information forum area. Please bear in mind that it's also now the weekend in Brno, Czech Rep..

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February 5, 2013 14:25 Re: Facebook Activity Not Listed On Social Sites Activity Monitoring #224098
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Hello CarlK58,

I would like to let you know that your issue was transferred to our product specialist.

We will keep you informed in this thread.

Thank you

AVG Team
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