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January 23, 2013 10:00 Limit Backup #223397
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Is there a way to limit when backups take place?
I have just installed Live Kive and have a large amount of data to backup, which I have set to start at 9pm, it's going to take days to do the initial backup.
What I want to do is either stop the backup at say 9am and then resume at the scheduled time and/or change the bandwidth so that it can use the full bandwidth at night but restricted during the day.
This needs to be done automatically.

Thanks for any help
January 24, 2013 14:18 Re: Limit Backup #223475
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Hi Andy631,

AVG LiveKive unfortunately cannot schedule required scenario. In this case I recommend disabling AVG LiveKive from running at OS startup (AVG LiveKive -> Preferences -> Interface -> Launch AVG LiveKive at OS startup) and running it only when you want. If you would like to pause the backup process it will be necessary to Quit LiveKive from tray icon. However this all has to be done manually.


AVG Team
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