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January 22, 2013 02:20 Thunderbird Hacking #223324
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Hello a very disturbing thing has just happened :-)

I clicked on an e-mail tweet message from a colleague while checking my e-mails on Thunderbird. When I did that a Thunderbird "Welcome" message appeared (I have never seen that before). Then the programs started to perform some activity which I am not sure of, I suspect that it was attempting to access the address and the password list. I protect the passwords with a master password so hopefully it did not get them.

The fact is that AVG just quietly in the background while my PC was being hacked in. I finally decided to "pull the plug" and terminated my connection.

After this incident the CPU was racing and some of the programs stopped working correctly. So I decided to restore it from last night system backup. So everything is back to normal not (thank God for system backups).

My questions is why did AVG did not detect the hacking attempt? What can be done to prevent this kind of thing from happening again (apart from me not clicking on any links again ever which is an inconvenience).

This is not a complaint it is just an observation. But I really would like my firewall to defend me from these buggers.


January 22, 2013 08:25 Re: Thunderbird Hacking #223329
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Hi Webspecials,

Thanks for post, but it's not sure that was a hacking attempt. It can be simple software glitch or something else. Unfortunately you did a system backup which I assume destroyed all evidence what happen.

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