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January 14, 2013 18:17 Can't Get Rid Of Incredibar! #222964
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I'm using AVG 2012.0.221 and I updated it yesterday. My Google Chrome is infected with incredibar and I can't get rid of it. I went into Chrome's toolbar and removed the extension (both disabled and removed it) and every time I open Chrome it's back! I ran AVG which didn't find incredibar. I ran SpyBot which did find it and removed it. But it's back again today, and SpyBot can't find it now. I haven't downloaded anything from the internet since the infection happened 4 days ago. I think it came in with a font downloader. I've read a thread here about incredibar but the info wasn't helpful as I've done the steps recommended and the extension won't go away. I hope someone can help me before I take a sledge hammer to my computer, lol.
January 16, 2013 19:45 Re: Can't Get Rid Of Incredibar! #223060
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incredibar removal..

It's surprising how many people assume that Incredibar is a virus. Yes, it's a little bugger and can be extremely annoying but it's NOT a virus. Incredibar is a toolbar. There's no way AVG could have detected this toolbar. It's not malicious, there's no reasons to block it. You have to remove it yourself. The problem is that incredibar changes too many web browser settings and all these settings must be restored manually by a user. This removal guide looks promising:

Follow this removal guide carefully, step by step. If it doesn't help, then just google for other solutions.

Also, here's a removal video:

Good luck!