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December 11, 2012 06:08 Erroneous Threat Report #221522
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I have a number of games for months, some years. They have been "ok" for all that time yet suddenly AVG 2013 (FREE) is reporting them as potentially dangerous and "removing" their threat crying
I am running AVG 2013 free on Windows Vista. The file extensions for these files is RWG (e.g. RicochetInfinity). In some cases, a reinstallation is required to 'fix' it and allow me to play the game ... until the next time AVG decides it's a virus.
I have created exceptions for these files, even based on "<anywhere>RicochetInfinity.RWG" but AVG2013 stubbornly refuses to accept my word they're not a virus. All it tells me is "infected file", Severity 'Medium' and state "secured", not altogether that helpful.
Has anyone else encountered this, is there another way to prevent AVG 2013 from thinking they're a virus. Thanks.
December 11, 2012 12:20 Re: Erroneous Threat Report #221528
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@ Ludwig-WN

Have a look @ this Announcement post link How To Handle Suspicious False Positive Detection? & please follow all the instructions.

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