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November 23, 2012 01:17 Linux Admin Server Update Proxy Problems #220816
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I've installed AVG Admin Server in a Ubuntu VM. It was installed with DataCenter and Update Proxy roles. All was installed with the latest Admin Version released in January AVG Admin Server 2012-r2052

Everything is working fine or at least I haven't had problems with any client sync or with the information stored in the database, the logs seem to be ok.

The part I haven't made work is the Update Proxy since it isn't downloading any file. The directory in the server has all the permissions needed and it doesn't download any file. Recently checking the logs I found this in one log:
/opt/avg/avgadmsrv/var/log/admserver.log.2:[AVG.UPD.UpdateProxy] ERROR 2012-11-22 22:00:11,712 kaas PID:21976 THID:-1302115472 ID:"../admin/AdminUpdateProxy/UpdateProxy.cpp":908.2052.BADF00D.0 MSG:laughing:ownloading file failed (error 2, result 0xe0018d32)

Could anyone share some light on this message or in what could be happening, I'll send any information needed. I ran the avgdiag script that is included with the Admin Server and attach the results.

Also manually I tested downloading the avg file with wget and I could download it. All my clients download the update from internet and my dns servers doesn't show any troubles. Thanks in advance.
November 24, 2012 00:09 Re: Linux Admin Server Update Proxy Problems #220864
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@ JoseAM

OK, Just to keep you fully in the picture.. Regarding AVG (SMB) Team forum support bear in mind that it's now the weekend.. For your further guidance/info please refer to the 1st Announcement post @ the top of the Information forum area.

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November 26, 2012 10:43 Re: Linux Admin Server Update Proxy Problems #220933
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Hi JoseAM,

Sorry for not responding to your post sooner. The error code:

THID:-1302115472 ID:"../admin/AdminUpdateProxy/UpdateProxy.cpp":908.2052.BADF00D.0 MSGlaughingownloading file failed (error 2, result 0xe0018d32)

0xe0018d32 - Requested file is not available on server

Unfortunately there weren't any update requests in the Admin Server log to see what is happening. It it possible to click 'Update now' on one of the workstations. Grab the Admin Server log after doing the update:

Linux Server - /opt/avg/avgadmsrv/var/log/admserver.log

Can we also get the update log from the workstation the update was forced from:

XP - C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\AVG\AVG*\log\avgupd.log
Vista\7 - C:\ProgramData\AVG\AVG*\log\avgupd.log

Please add the files to a zip file and attach to the next post. If over 2mb, upload the zip file to our FTP Server -


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