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November 3, 2012 13:42 No Access To AVG PC TuneUp Support #219786
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I assume that I've been a victim of client poaching within the AVG resellers network. This is up to AVG management to solve, not me.

I live in Brazil, where I get excellent phone, e-mail, and online support from Winco. They relentlessly helped to get me back on my feet after a virus sneaked through AVG antivirus, causing extensive damage.

When I bought AVG PC TuneUp, I didn't notice where I bought it from. When I received an expiration notification in rather decent, acceptable Portuguese (I am an English <> Portuguese translator), I didn't notice where it came from, and renewed it.

Three days ago I checked for updates, and there was a new version available, so I downloaded it. It uninstalled my existing version, and put a visibly better new one in place. However that new version was in a one-day demo mode, quite justifiable. So I tried to enter my license code, and got a message that it belonged to another product!

I phoned Winco, they were pleasant and helpful as always. Upon checking the documentation, we realized that I had renewed my license in Cyprus!!! In spite of Winco's staff attempts, they could not get me a new license code. I'd have to ask the AVG reseller in Cyprus.

As they had written me in Portuguese, I replied to their sales confirmation message in Portuguese. This caused a reply explaining that AVG only provides tech support in English. So I sent the entire case clearly explained in English, and the e-mail bounced, probably because I was automatically rated as a spammer after having written them in Portuguese.

I've been everywhere on AVG's web site, and every time I try to contact any kind of support, I get re-routed to AVG Brazil/Winco. They've done all they could already, yet the system prevents me from contacting anyone else at AVG.

Yes, I could try a telephone call to AVG Cyprus, if I could find their phone number. However I don't understand any Greek or Turkish to get past the menu recordings. Most of all, I shouldn't take the blame for AVG Cyprus poaching AVG Brazil/Winco clients.

I think AVG should have a higher level contact available to its customers. What if Winco's service were not as excellent as it is?

Or should I post my problem on, say, Facebook, and hope that the world would tell AVG management what's going on here?

I still hope someone can get me a compatible license unlocker, otherwise when time comes up, I'll have nothing to renew.
November 3, 2012 15:29 Re: No Access To AVG PC TuneUp Support #219789
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@ Stanley_One

OK, Just to keep you fully in the picture.. Regarding AVG Team forum support bear in mind that it's now the weekend.. For your further guidance/info please refer to the 1st Announcement post @ the top of the Information forum area.

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November 16, 2012 14:05 Re: No Access To AVG PC TuneUp Support #220475
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Hello Stanley_One,

In our system I can see that you have already upgraded your license number.

If you have any issue and you still need our assistance please provide us with a description of the actual situation.

Thank you

AVG Team
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December 10, 2012 16:56 Re: No Access To AVG PC TuneUp Support #221503
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Actually, I downgraded..

After my experience with a working PC TuneUp 2013, I was so horrified that I uninstalled it, and reinstalled the good old and reliable 2012. What a relief!

The entire confusion was caused by the AVG representative in Cyprus poaching Brazilian clients like me, who could otherwise count on Winco's excellent support in Brazil.

Today, I tried to use it for a routine maintenance, and received the news: My subscription suddenly expired, without any notification (as I received last year).

So I checked my invoice, and in fact, those poachers in Cyprus sold me a one-year license that lasted exactly 11 months! To add insult to injury, the price has increased by 67%!!! In Jan. 2012 I paid USD 29.99. Now AVG wants to charge me BRL 100.00, i.e. about USD 50.

Were that not enough, I am almost certain that I won't be able to renew the good AVG PCTU 2012, but I'll be paying 2/3 more for PTCU 2013, which is such a piece of junk that I wouldn't use it, even if it were freeware.

From where I stand, AVG seems to be striving hard to get rid of those pesky clients who dare to pay them money to have useful and reliable software.