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AVG requesting system restart repeatedly

AVG users reported that AVG is requesting restart repeatedly after completing the AVG update process. This issue is likely caused by certain update files could not been renamed for some reason.
Please proceed as follows to rectify the situation:
1. Navigate to the following folder (some files and folders are hidden by default operating system configuration):
…or (if using Windows XP):
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\avg<VERSION>\cfg\
2. Verify that the updatecomps.cfg.prepare or updatecomps.bak file is present in this folder.
3. Delete the updatecomps.cfg file.
4. Rename the updatecomps.cfg.prepare or updatecomps.bak to updatecomps.cfg.
We recommend performing the complete AVG reinstallation if the issue is not rectified. Please contact AVG customer care experts should you need further assistance.

Activation of new AVG PC TuneUp

AVG PC TuneUp 2013 uses new format of the license number therefore cannot be activated with AVG PC TuneUp 2012 license number. It is necessary to generate compatible license number which can be used for activation. Please visit the AVG upgrade page to generate license number or go to FAQ 3881 for more details. You may contact Sales department or AVG Customer Care experts if you experience any difficulties.

AVG Antivirus FREE needs to be updated

Please be informed that since September 25 we are offering upgrade to AVG 2013 Antivirus FREE from previous (AVG 2011 and 2012) versions. This easy upgrade option is available through system tray notification message (screenshot). Please click the Update now button to start the update process. To postpone the update click Later. You will be reminded again in a couple of days or you may upgrade manually. More information can be found in the FAQ 5274. Do not hesitate contacting AVG Customer Care experts or AVG Forums if further assistance is needed.

Avoiding malware

Many users are asking us how to stay safe when using their computer, and how to avoid infections from all possible sources. Please find our basic recommendations in this AVG Forums article.

Restoring changes made by AVG PC TuneUp

Few users reported that the AVG PC TuneUp made unwanted changes to their computers. We would like to inform you that your computer is protected by AVG Rescue Center which creates and manage backups of selected AVG PC TuneUp modules. It is possible to revert changes by following FAQ 3906 or you may change backup settings in the AVG PC TuneUp program -> Settings -> Rescue Center protection. Do not hesitate contacting AVG Customer Care experts or AVG Forums if further assistance is needed.

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