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September 29, 2012 08:07 Want To Turn Off Automatic Updates #217369
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I want to turn off the automatic updates. In last two days I've had work destroyed because AVG shuts down and restarts without permission. It's no go. The updater is undesirable and chief reason why I do not buy your license. I bought it in past, but I had so many problems with getting work destroyed and unbelievable hassles that it wasn't worth the expense and extra headaches.

I also want to shut down the AVG slider that always gives totally unnecessary nags while I am working. I really don't give a hoot if Chrome eats 2Gb RAM. That damn slider interferes with work. I have a MS task manager that can tell me how much RAM is getting used by FF and Chrome and Adobe, etc... and it doesn't nag me and it doesn't interrupt work and it doesn't cause computer frreezes. But your updaters and slider can cause serious problems when somebody is uploading photography for 10 hours and suddenly they get a frigging reboot with no warning.

I have 14Gb RAM so 2 on chrome is nothing. Bug off. It's really annoying, abusive and stressful to deal with the damn AVG nag sliders.

Next complaint is obvious. Use colors people can read. Go look at a newspaper. Dark print on pastel. Get it right. This interface is illegible for anyone with colorblind problems. It's hard on eyes. I can't read it-- so in a couple weeks, probably you will be tossed to the garbage when I move to something I can read and turn automatic nags off.

So I am very angry because 2days in row, I have AVG screwing up ongoing work and sometimes it takes hours and hours to recover or reload photography or find out what got destroyed. It's my computer. It is not your computer. I am working on my computer and I don't want your unnecessary frigging nags and updates interrupting my work. I can manually update and it's better than the constant harassment that now happens. You really add far too much stress onto life. And this is the real reason why I no longer buy your license. every single day was a battle. the endless stupid warnings that my computer was going to explode or chrome eats 2.5 gb or FF is eating 3Gb. I don't care. leave me in peace so I can work.

If you want to update, then do it the old way, send an email alert and when I am done working and can fit it in on schedule so its not destructive, I will do it. For 12 years I did all updates manually for everybody--and I never ever had a virus and my computer never ever exploded. The bl**dy nags are unnecessary, harassing and add so much stress it makes your product totally undesirable.

I have 3 external tbs, so when you do a frigging automatic restart without my permission, you can really scew up a lot of work for a photographer.

It's my computer-- and when I am constantly harassed with pop-ups and sliders and bs notifications, believe me--there are other services out there, and I can probably find a good manager for systems management as well. I really don't need and don't want that frigging annoying slider and nag telling em that FF is eating 3Gb or Chrome has 3gb-- it's why I have 14RAM and do photography. I don't need a mother-in-law to harass me while I'm working.

and worse there is no way to write an email and tell you how bad this all sucked and how angry I really am because it screwed over photography being processed. white typeface on black completely illegible. clueless formatting.

so tomorrow will get wasted going back to older avg. Sorry, am terribly angry. Interface is illegible and for this stupid update, I lsot work and will now spend a lot of time doing recovery. Very happy it didn't happen during an upload--and then the forced full scan... NO people scan when they can schedule it. Your company really knows how to offend the user effectively. But if I can't read the stupid interface, because I am colorblind I am lost.

angry angry angry
September 29, 2012 11:33 Re: Want To Turn Off Automatic Updates #217375
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@ ogop0go

Check this out.... There are 2 locations for auto updates!.... In Advanced settings - Schedules - Virus database update schedule & Program update schedule. If you don't want auto updates to take place ensure that "Enable this task" @ both locations isn't checked. For your info/interest have you read the all new AVG 2013 User Manual?.. AVG 2013 - Summary (Scroll Down). Reference your other points.. 'Information' forum area.. Have a look @ this Announcement post link AVG Product Management Wants To Hear From You. Please complete the feedback.

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