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July 12, 2012 23:21 Installation Issues & Error Codes (0XE001003D / 0xC0070643) #212275
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I've been using AVG since 2008 and have never had a single problem. Hence why I've been such a loyal, paying customer. My latest subscription ran out about a month ago and I renewed by purchasing 2012 so I can continue my worry free computer usage.

Except, there was an error on install. After doing a few scans and internet searches, I found a couple of "solutions" that didn't help me out. Of course I tried calling AVG but was always told I had a few hours wait. And naturally, I'm not going to pay for a product and then, when it doesn't work as expected, pay some more for tech support. With all due respect, that just isn't right.

Since this all started, my Chrome browser continues to be deleted, Firefox just simply crashed before it opens, Safari opens, but just hangs, which forces me to use IE... ohh IE. When it's not crashing, I can do basic internet stuff, like post this message.

I do run the above mentioned AVG PC Tune UP (which I do enjoy and seems to work quite well), SpyBot (which now seems to find thing since I've tried to install AVG 2012) and Malwarebytes (which also is now finding issues since my AVG instalation attempts).

I've even tried installing just the free version of AVG to see if I have caught a virus in the short period I have been without protection. Still... errors.

Perhaps thankfully, the errors are consistant across free and paid versions. I have gone in and deleted all previous veriosns of AVG and even ran a Registry Cleanup. Still.... nothing. And I can't help but feel I'm worse off than when I started. I'm now down a day and a half with this and this is something I can't afford to be doing.

Error Codes: 0XE001003D / 0xC0070643

My new "Issues" since trying to install are:

Needless to say, I'm quite frustrated and am really starting to think renewing may have been a wrong decision. Why now all these problems!?

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

July 17, 2012 15:23 Re: Installation Issues & Error Codes (0XE001003D / 0xC0070643) #212634
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Hello bluehaus,

For help on your issue please refer to following article: AVG 2012 (incl. Previous Versions) Uninstall / Re-Install Instructions.

If it doesn't help on your situation please provide us with Msinfo output and Installation log files.

Thank you.

AVG Team
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