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June 6, 2012 20:33 Updated To AVG Summer 2012 Update #206855
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Last night I updated to the AVG Summer Update 2012, and after the installation process it prompted me to restart my computer, however I didn't because I still wanted to use my computer and I figured it will restart after I turn it off for the night and turn it on in the morning.

In the morning, however, my computer would not boot. It is windows 7 64 bit home premium and it would not pass the "Starting Windows" screen. It prompted me to use the setup repair, and I did so, but it failed to repair anything. In desperation, I restart it again to see if it will boot up.

It goes to the log in screen extremely slowly, and I log into an Admin account. The process to load up my desktop took about 10 minutes. At first it only showed the taskbar with a couple of taskbar icons and the windows button. Then the wallpaper showed up along with desktop icons. However, everything was extremely slow. The mouse, the right clicks, the highlights, EVERYTHING. In fear, I tried to press ctrl + alt + delete to open up the task manager. It did nothing at first, but in about a minute, the screen only went blank, and after about 1 or 2 minutes, the computer restarted itself and then went to the setup repair again.

The setup repair said that it will restart the computer, and if the problem pursues, set up repair will be ran again. It ran again, and nothing happened. I restarted my computer and it went to the log in screen again, I typed in my log in info and the same process happened with the desktop loading extremely slowly. As of now, it says that AVG 2012 is turned off, and also the taskbar icon for AVG has the "Play" symbol. It is very difficult to use the computer at the moment since it is very slow to an extent that it is nearly unresponsive.

Could it be that since I updated AVG and didn't restart my computer right away that it was turned off, and while playing games a couple of viruses got my computer? Or was the update a scam?

Thanks for reading, and TIA for the help!
June 7, 2012 10:27 Re: Updated To AVG Summer 2012 Update #206949
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Hello Johnjonjon,

It is most likely probable that something went wrong during the update (update is legitimate, not a scam).

Please temporarily uninstall AVG using AVG Remover tool and see whether issue persists.

Also to make sure you are not infected by some malicious software, please scan your computer with updated AVG Rescue CD/USB.

Thank you.

AVG Team
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