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May 22, 2012 23:26 I Can't Uninstall AVG Free Edition 2011 #203827
Jay mils


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I tried removing this program on the set program access an default location, however i keep getting this error message and i still have AVG, i want to remove this because of an annoying pop up message that every hour or so - pops up in the middle of my screen telling me to reboot my computer for installation or update, and when that happens if i click enter or click my mouse by accident it causes me to shut down my computer every time while im in the middle of work (causing me to loose my progress). So is there a way to eliminate all pop ups or how do i fully get rid of this. Heres a picture of the error when i try removing it :***s/AVGerror.jpg

And thanks for your time.
May 22, 2012 23:37 Re: I Can't Uninstall AVG Free Edition 2011 #203829


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@ Jay mils

To completely uninstall your AVG just follow the procedure within this Stickie post link If You Have Trouble Installing/Uninstalling/Updating AVG: AVG 2011 + 9.0+8.x Uninstall / Re-Install Instructions which is actually situated directly above where you've just posted!

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