May 14, 2012 20:49 Skype Security? #202237
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Hello all,
recently someone accessed my Skype account and made 200 calls to Phillipines and China in about 90 minutes. These were very short calls, about 2 or 3 per minute, to different phone numbers. Luckily my account soon ran dry of credit and they were unable to reload it from my credit card, which had been cancelled.
When I complained about this to Skype, they immediately attacked my PC security, blaming this lapse on me. I had AVG 2012 fully deployed and the Microsoft firewall. Only my wife and daughter have access to my PC and they certainly wouldn't be making those calls.
When I launch Skype from my PC, it goes straight into my account and I can make any calls I like without having to enter a username or password. I didn't even know I had a password until I complained to Skype about their poor security!
Does anyone know how Skype know who is connected to them when a password/username isn't required? Is it by IP address only?
It doesn't seem to me to be impossible to me, for someone else to get into my Skype account by surreptitious electronic means unknown to me. But then I'm not a hacking expert. Has anyone else had experience of this? I reckon AVG would prevent the thieves from accessing my PC to use my Skype.
What do you think?
May 16, 2012 14:11 Re: Skype Security? #202587
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Hello miles2short,

To exclude or confirm possibility of infection please provide us with both Gmer scan results, Msinfo output and AVG Anti-Virus scan results for further analysis.

Also please change your Skype account password to some difficult to guess to increase your security.

Thank you

AVG Team
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