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April 19, 2012 20:02 AVG Upgrade From 2011 To 2012 Failing #198403
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Vincent DiStefano


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About 1/3 of my network "push upgrades" from AVG 2011 to AVG 2012 are failing in a most spectacular fashion. About 1-2 minutes into the process, the network cards on the target computers go offline; the target computers lose all access to the LAN and the internet.

Trying to disable and re-enable them doesn't work, it spins forever. Restarting or shutting down isn't working, either: Windows gets all the way to the "shutting down..." screen and stays there forever. I have to do dirty shutdowns. Upon rebooting into windows, it may take several more tries before I can get the network adapters working again. If I repeat the process by trying once more to push-install the upgrade, same thing happens. This is across a variety of types of computers and network cards, not just one brand, and versions of Windows (32 bit, 64 bit pro, ultimate, etc.)

If I copy the AVG 2012 installer from my AVG server and run it directly on the target computer, it works fine. However, this is very, very impractical.

Using a Windows 2008 AD controller with minimal Group Policy stuff going on. Windows Firewall is disabled by GP, and each user is an admin user on his or her computer.

Anybody else experiencing this issue? Any ideas?
April 20, 2012 00:47 Re: AVG Upgrade From 2011 To 2012 Failing #198411
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@ Vincent DiStefano

For your info....

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