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On Samsung G S Free App - The App Private or Global Free For All Disaster..

Why is AVG Not Looking After My Privacy On Samsung G S Free App Never Has it Spoke the Silences is Defining - The App Private or Global Free For All Disaster
Walking Networks! Away With You 
Can you address my concerns if possible please and forgive my gramer.
I always have used AVG Pro on my 5 PCs & laptops so why am i so concerned about the Android App
I will not buy untill ive seen something or shown something that it's protecting me from on my mobile as i deem a lot to protect but have heard no voice spoken. ie you may be at risk by allowing this app or anything that you normality get from a pc version!
Information has always been at the heart of the attack. 
As a fellow computer buff! can you point me in the right direction to find out how AVG protection is doing on mobile phones? as security seems none existent on phones themselves. As u no this is a huge problem and disaster waiting to explode espeshuly when everyone is carrying there world in there pockets. AVG could lead the way in preventing not only security from the usual suspects but from the silent exploytashion of peoples them and there's information. People are now noticing and so now should you. This may seem harmless on the surface or even put across as helpull, but you AVG/GRISOFT can show the way in pointing out what everyone is thinking (Am i being exployted) so creating security and helping others control the way there information is used is paramount. This itself may seem counterproductive in some areas to you, but as you may have noticed Google already are maneuvering minds into thinking that people have a choice and security but  AVG is not stupid of course nor are the people to think this is the case, so i suggest to you! that a Good Reliable & Trusted Protector like AVG can lead the way in the future to protect against a free for all of everythings and everyone's personal information as this has gown into a rampant VIRUS plague that must be brought under control as it's time is up and it served it's purpose as short as it was.Personal & Private Information Protection is going to be the biggest single security question on the worlds mind as we get ever so connected to a digital self, we cannot under any circumstance ignore or wate. Leaving  ones world in the hands of chance and insecurity is not a comforting thought, this problem will of course bring issues in national security or cyber sabotage exsectra, the more information exposed of the self is leaving such a trail that one dose not think this will be the biggest issue to come but no it will be. Common sense and observation.  AVG can and  ARE/Will take greater steps to combating the impending disaster to come as this free information bubble had already burst  with attacks being prepared by the ever rising volatility in the World. Country or common enemy can now create disasters of any magnitudes or infiltration with more and more ease as people leave a bigger trail. "Ok" My point is across i think! or at least its out there. Now lots of money was made but the bubbles bust i sware to you and sware to you that proceeding will end in tears for all. So now for some common sense we create a new wave of security not stupidity. AVG can be a front runner in the info-wars and not the conspiratorial type but the protection type and close the doors on the free for all reckless money making information infringements. Preventing the impending disaster to come should be everyone's utmost TOP PRIORITY when dealing with this issue. So be the HERO and make a profit wile doing it, show them how to - what to - when it comes to personal information as they may not only be looseng themselves but a County or Company or the worse imaginable -  Preemptive strikes against the hole network that we relie on so much. Show Google and the likes, that in the end its not worth the risk. Now the future is to truly let people have reliable and informed choices without automatically opting in no matter what box you may tick or just by using a Google phone App for example. You will be a hero as all will turn to the Knight of Righteousness and common sense, even the mighty will bow down for they desire it more than the one, at the end of the day people will still choose to go with Adds but with the comfort that only the Add is the product and not there entire life for this is a severely dangerous breech of Security on ow so many levels.
   Hope to see you out there AVG
Haggis Muncher.

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Hello Haggis76,

You have your answer here.

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Thank you
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