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January 26, 2012 13:05 AVG 9 Internet Security Corrupted Configuration #188839
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Hi, last night my house lost power which switched off my pc with no warning. After turning it back on I noticed that my AVG 9 Internet Security was reporting errors. The messages I recieve are as follows:

Firewall cannot start due to corrupted configuration. Please run firewall wizard and regenerate the configuration.

I then run the firewall Wizard and I would recieve another error, but this has just now fixed itself as I am writing this.

I still however receive errors from the email scanner, resident shield, and online shield

Email Scanner: Email Scanner is not active (but I have no apparent way of turning it back on)

Resident Shield: Same as Email Scanner

Online Shield: Online Shield is enabled but not completely functional

Any help is greatly appreciated!
Thanks smile

January 27, 2012 13:59 Re: AVG 9 Internet Security Corrupted Configuration #188949
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Hello okay54,

It may mean that AVG Installation become corrupted or there can also be some hardware issue.

In order to find out whether the issue is not hardware related please run memory, hard drive test and provide us with results.

Re-installing AVG to a newest version (you may use AVG2012 even when you have licese for AVG9) may also help.

Please refer to the following article for help on your issue:
AVG 2012 (incl. Previous Versions) Uninstall / Re-Install Instructions

Do not forget to follow After restart section and make sure that you are using right version of remover (32/64 bit).

Thank you
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