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January 4, 2012 18:23 Can't Uninstall AVG 2012 #186584
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My problem is that I cannot delete AVG 2012 Internet Security. First, I go to add/remove programs list then i see AVG 2012 there. (avg is running fine) and click to remove it. After that, uninstallation bar freezes at the middle of the process. It won't uninstall after it reach half of the bar. When i click cancel, AVG cannot run or uninstall again, but it show it's option to scan when i right click on file.Also my internet is blocked,so I must do system restore. Every time I try to remove AVG 2012,this happens. Any suggestion?
January 4, 2012 18:58 Re: Can't Uninstall AVG 2012 #186585
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@ Djoko91

Have a look @ the uninstall part of this link AVG 2012 (incl. Previous Versions) Uninstall / Re-Install Instructions. If you're not sure about 32 or 64 bit on your system have a look @ this link

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