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AVG Advisor

Please be informed AVG 2012 includes a new AVG Advisor feature. It is designed to warn user that there could be a memory leak in your browser (in a script or a flash within a visited website, respectively). AVG records an average amount of memory used by a browser and is regularly checking the value during browser usage. In case the memory consumption is significantly increased, user is informed about possible memory leak. Browser re-start is recommended in such scenario.
Please see an example of AVG Advisor informative window here
In case you would like to disable AVG Advisor (this may be handy in case you are used to work with internet browser differently than most users), you may proceed as follows:
- Open AVG user interface and press F8.
- Select the Appearance item in the left tree.
- Untick the Display AVG Advisor performance notifications option (screenshot).
- This will disable both the notifications and memory usage monitoring.
- Click OK to save any changes.

Update process freeze on 64-bit operating system

Windows XP 64-bit edition users may experience update process freezing sometimes. Although this issue seems to be difficult to induce, we still receive reports of such freeze from time to time. Our developers are still analyzing this situation.
Based on the recent reports, disabling AVG primary update servers may rectify the issue sometimes. You may proceed as follows:
- Open the AVG user interface and press F8.
- Select Update -> URL in the left tree.
Note: This item is not configurable with AVG Free Edition.
- Select the update primary server item.
- Click the Move down button.
- The update backup server will be on the top of the list.
- Click OK to save changes.
Please contact AVG technical support in case you experience update process freeze repeatedly.

Enumerating Virus Vault items failed

With AVG 2011, the Virus Vault may have reported that enumerating its items failed in rare cases. We are happy to inform you that this issue is rectified with AVG 2012. Please proceed as described in one of the following FAQ articles if you would like to upgrade your AVG 2011 version to AVG 2012:
AVG Free Edition
AVG commercial versions

Corrupted executable files

Please be informed that AVG is able to detect corrupted executable files. Note that this does not indicate the file is infected. It is only an informative message, additional functionality provided by anti-virus software. Even though the detected executable file seems to be working correctly, the file structure may be corrupted. The respective application functionality may not be affected at all.
It is recommended reinstalling the respective application (the executable file belongs to) to rectify the issue. In case the file is still detected we recommend contacting its vendor. If unsure, feel free to contact AVG technical support for assistance.

AVG 2012 installation (re-installation)

With the recent AVG 2012 product line release, most of the technical questions posted on AVG Forums and social media are related to AVG 2012 installation. The obvious way how to install AVG 2012 is to download the installation package (free, paid for), run it and follow the wizard. However, the process may not be absolutely trouble-free in all cases.
Should you face any challenge while installing AVG 2012, please follow one of these articles:
How to (re)install AVG 2012 Free Edition
How to (re)install AVG 2012 paid for versions
- AVG Remover used in the process will make sure any AVG remnants are completely uninstalled before installing AVG 2012.
In case of any installation issues, please do not hesitate contacting AVG technical support.

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