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July 26, 2011 03:28 Yellow Triangle Over AVG Icon #169623
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What is causing a warning sign to be showing over the AVG icon in the Sys Tray, and how do I get rid of it?

I have been getting this yellow triangle (warning sign) over the AVG icon in my Sys Tray. When that sign is there, it freezes my computer online and offline. Sometimes its there for a few hours and then it dissapears. When it dissapears, my computer works fine again. Today the sign has been there all day, making it a pain to use my computer.

I saw another post with the same problem (163747, on May 24, 2011). The moderator asked the poster for some files: (msinfo32, screen shot of interface, and log). I will attemt to send the msinfo and the screenshot. The log file are over 90 MB and I would need am outside outfit to send them. I thought I wait and see if somebody has figured out what's causing the problem with the warning sign before I have to do that.

"I guess I am not being allowed to send one of the files because of "Invalid Field". I have no idea what that means, or which file is being blocked. so there will be only one going".
Info about my computer
OS: Windows XP/SP3
AVG Free: 2011
Virus db version: 1518/3787
Other protection: Malwarebytes, 1.51.1. 1200
Ccleaner 3.07.1457
Browsers: IE8, AOL 9.0, Fire Fox
Windows Firewall
Internet connection: DSL


July 26, 2011 06:57 Re: Yellow Triangle Over AVG Icon #169626
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Hello KrystalQ,

To allow us analyze your situation please provide us with requested information.

Thank you
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